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Smoke Free Illawarra is a joint government and community group that works towards reducing the harm caused by tobacco in the Illawarra. The group consists of members of the community as well as representatives from Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District, Heart Foundation, Healthy Cities Illawarra, Cancer Council NSW, Women's Health and the Aboriginal Medical Service.

Alongside obesity, tobacco is a major contributor to disease and early death in Australia. Much of this burden can be reduced if smoking rates, uptake among young people and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke is reduced.

Smoking rates in the Australian community have been on the decline over the years due to a wide range of activities such as mass media campaigns, laws restricting the sale and promotion of tobacco products, smoke free public places, increasing price of tobacco and Plain Packaging laws. Despite these gains smoking rates are still high in certain groups and this is now where the focus of tobacco control lies.

Discarded cigarette butts are also a major item of litter in Australia. Cigarrette waste is not only unsightly on our streets, waterways and beaches but pose a threat to marine life when mistakenly consumed.



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