Food Security

Food Security

Food Fairness Illawarra actively promotes community-based solutions to ensure that everyone in our community has fair access to good food.



Food Fairness Illawarra is a voluntary, not-for-profit alliance of community groups, individuals, agencies and government organization, committed to good food for all. 
By good food we mean fresh, nutritious, safe and sustainable food. We take an interest in anything that affects access to good food in our area, including:

  • how we use our fertile land;
  • farming which looks after the natural environment;
  • the cost of putting good food on the table;
  • the availability of and access to shops and markets that sell good food;
  • good food as part of celebrations and community;
  • supporting organisations that work with people experiencing food insecurity;
  • raising community awareness about access to good food for all; and
  • sharing skills and knowledge about growing and eating good food.

For more information on Food Fairness Illawarra and their different activities, click here to go to the FFI website

This growing alliance was formed after the successful Food Security Forum in October 2005, which brought attention to the fact that many services and groups are seeing people experience hunger in our community.

Membership is open to all organisations, individuals, community groups and enterprises who are interested in good food and support the general aims of Food Fairness Illawarra. 
Since its inception our organization has been proud to administer the secretariat for Food Fairness Illawarra.