Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Healthy Cities lllawarra works with community groups, government and business to promote the long-term environmental health of our region. Our work extends from the Illawarra to the Shoalhaven.

At HCI we recognise that people’s health is intimately linked with, and dependent upon, a healthy and sustainable built and natural environment.

We depend on healthy ecosystems to meet our basic physical needs, such as clean air to breathe, clean and reliable water for drinking and washing, and healthy soils to grow our food and fibre.

Recent studies have shown that proximity to urban open and green space has a positive effect on people’s health and well being. We also gain some of our higher level needs, such as social and spiritual nourishment, through access to the wonders of the natural world.

As well as advocating for healthy, sustainable natural environments, HCI works to encourage governments to move from road-dominated transport, which is resource intensive, polluting and a factor in causing health problems related to inactivity, towards public transport, active transport and freight rail.