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Healthy Cities Illawarra

healthy cities illawarraWelcome to Healthy Cities Illawarra

Healthy Cities Illawarra works to promote and improve the health, physical environment and quality of life of the people of the Illawarra.

It is a non-profit, membership organisation and is part of the global Healthy Cities movement founded by the World Health Organisation.

The Healthy Cities philosophy is that our health is affected by environmental, economic, social, mental and physical factors. Because these are big issues, it requires all sectors of the community to work together to improve our society which will in turn improve health.

We encourage individuals, groups and businesses to join us and help us work towards the Illawarra and Shoalhaven becoming the healthiest region in Australia.

Healthy Cities Illawarra has initiated and supported a wide range of programs and activities promoting community safety across the region for over 20 years.

Over the long term, HCI has worked in partnership with many local services and organizations to implement its community safety initiatives, particularly in the area of child injury prevention.

In more recent years, HCI has supported an important partnership with the Aboriginal community and key organizations in the Shoalhaven known as the Shoalhaven Safe Communities Aboriginal Partnership (SSCAP).

In relation to promoting community safety, Healthy Cities Illawarra aims to

  1. support local communities to create environments and promote behaviours which are safe.
  2. build regional capacity, and support the implementation of community based programs which reduce the current burden of unintentional injuries in local communities.